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Course Overview:

Course Name               Microsoft Azure
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Mode of Classes           Online
Course Duration 40-45 Hours
Class Availability Weekdays & Weekends
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Azure is Microsoft's cloud computing service. Azure provides software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) in addition to offering support for several different programming languages. Azure currently offers over 600 unique services, from computing to storage to data management and more!

Course Content

Overview of the Microsoft Azure Platform

  • Azure Services 
  • Azure Portals 
  • Azure Infrastructure

Building Application Infrastructure in Azure

  • Constructing Azure Virtual Machines
  • Azure Virtual Machine Workloads
  • Migrating Azure Virtual Machine Instances
  • Highly Available Azure Virtual Machines
  • Virtual Machine Configuration Management 
  • Customizing Azure Virtual Machine Networking 

Hosting Web Applications on the Azure Platform

  • Azure Web Apps
  • Hosting Web Applications in Azure
  • Configuring an Azure Web App
  • Publishing an Azure Web App

Storing SQL Data in Azure

  • Azure SQL Database Overview
  • Managing SQL Databases in Azure
  • Azure SQL Database Tools
  • Securing and Recovering an Azure SQL Database Instance

Designing Cloud Applications for Resiliency

  • Application Design Practices for Highly Available Applications
  • Application Analytics 
  • Building High Performance Applications 
  • Common Cloud Application Patterns 
  • Caching Application Data

Storing Tabular Data in Azure

  • Azure Storage Overview
  • Azure Storage Tables Overview 
  • Table Entity Transactions
  • Module 7: Storing and Consuming Files from Azure Storage
  • Storage Blobs
  • Controlling Access to Storage Blobs and Containers
  • Configuring Azure Storage Accounts
  • Azure Files

Designing a Communication Strategy by Using Queues and Service Bus

  • Azure Storage Queues
  • Azure Service Bus
  • Azure Service Bus Queues
  • Azure Service Bus Relay
  • Azure Service Bus Notification Hubs

Automating Integration with Azure Resources

  • Azure SDK Client Libraries
  • Scripting Azure Service Management by Using Windows
  • PowerShell
  • Azure REST Interface
  • Azure Resource Manager

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure  (formerly  Windows Azure )   is a cloud computing service created by Microsoft for building, testing, deploying, an...